Monday, June 4, 2012

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

This isn't really a project like we'd normally do, but we thought we'd share an idea that we are trying at our houses - maybe it will help you as well!

We're not sure if mothers of girls have this problem, but the boys in our house could use some reminders about manners, especially at the dinner table.  Simple things such as chewing with their mouths closed, staying seated during the meal, and avoiding "potty humor" seem to have suddenly become tasks worthy of Hercules.  We've gotten tired of saying the same reminders over and over to them, so we were tickled to see this cute idea floating around Pinterest (though we're not sure who originally came up with this idea). The newest guest at our dinner tables is going to be  The Manners Pig.

All you need is a small, cheap plastic pig. Check out your toy box - we're sure you have one floating around in there. If not, check out the dollar store! Then place the little guy on your dining room table or somewhere within easy reach. As long as everyone is using good manners, the pig stays put. But if someone breaks the agreed upon rules, they get the pig placed in front of them. And there he stays until someone else breaks a rule during the meal. Whomever is left with The Manners Pig in front of them after the meal is over has to clear the whole table.

We think the kids are going to get a kick out of this and can't wait for dinnertime to try it out (and of course we'll keep you posted!). We are pretty sure this will be successful in our families, since we plan on having the adults participate as well...and we're pretty sure the kids are going to want to use their good manners and try to catch us slipping up! :)

Much more fun than nagging!
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  1. Sounds like this would be good for most of us!!! Thanks for the idea, and BE SURE TO KEEP US POSTED!!!

  2. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X

  3. Ah, if only I'd heard about this 15 years ago! BTW, this seems to be the origin of the Pinterest link --

  4. That's such an awesome idea!!

  5. I wish I had thought of it!!!!

  6. Such an intresting great blog! Lot's of inspiration for myself!

    Whould u like to follow each others blog to keep in touch this way?

    Lots of hugs,

  7. We use this on a regular basis, and my kids LOVE it. They've become manners nazis as a result of the pig. Even if we DON'T use the pig, they still police each other, so it's a great idea.