Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Homemade Lip balm

Over the past few years Nana has found that she is becoming more and more allergic to lipstick and lip balm. We think it is the petroleum products that are in most cosmetics, that she is allergic to. So we set out to make a lip balm with really simple ingredients that she could use. We looked at many different recipes and found used a combination of beeswax and a variety of different oils. We decided to use canola oil because we knew it would not bother Nana (you can eat this stuff) and doesn't have much flavor. Canola worked great, but you could substitute your favorite oils. We put ours in an empty lib balm tube. You can use any small container. You can also buy new containers on line. We just ordered a 10 pack for $5 at Amazon. This recipe will make a little over a 1/3 of a cup of lip balm. Make a few tubes for you and share some with someone you love!

What you need:

1/3 cup of canola oil
1/8 cup of beeswax pellets (or grated beeswax) We
used organic cosmetic grade beeswax.

We poured the oil and beeswax into a microwave safe bowl.

Microwave until the beeswax melts. It took ours about 3.

Stir well. Pour into your containers and let harden. (about 30 minutes)

We have been using the lip balm for about a week now. Our lips have never been happier! Nana has also tried it and found that it did not irritate her lips at all!

While doing research for this project we discovered that there are a lot of questionable ingredients in many cosmetics. We are hoping to share more homemade beauty products with you over the next few weeks that work great and are safe to use! You are gonna love them!
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  1. OH honey! Please don't use canola oil!! Do some is poison!

  2. Thank you for the great idea!! I too am allergic to most stuff in lipstick, lip I can't wait to try it!!

  3. OK - so I did some research as prompted by Judy W and find that the "Canola Oil is Poison" movement is not at all truthful. For anyone who is interested, here's the link.

    1. Thanks for your research! We did the same thing and found the same results. Even Dr. Oz loves canola oil!

  4. This is just wonderful! I'm going to have to try to find those containers so we can make this!

  5. I have to agree with Judy W. Canola is actually a genetically modified version of the rapeseed plant, which is best used as an industrial oil because it contains significant amounts of a poisonous substance called erucic acid. So between canola oil containing small amounts of erucic acid, and being genetically modified, a person is better off using olive or coconut oil. I don't mean to sound pushy about it, but more info about this topic is on Dr. Mercola's website:

  6. Nothing against canola oil its just it has a low melting point so it you leave this in your pocket, it will be mush/seperate. I found a much better option at Crunchy Betty -

    Made it last night:

    1/4 tsp coconut oil
    1/2 tbsp cocoa butter and 1/2 tbsp shea butter (or 1 tbsp of just cocoa butter)
    1 Tbsp beeswax pellets (organic)
    1/2 tsp honey (I used organic clover honey)
    2 capsules vit E

    Melt the coconut oil and butter on a super low heat double boiler -
    Add beeswax, you will need to turn up the heat a bit to low-med for this, mix and stir continually.
    Add honey and vit E, and remove from heat. Mix in.
    Pour in a small container (I refused a mini altoid tin)

    Let sit out or let it firm up faster in the fridge.

    There is a TON of other mods you can make besides the above, experiment with colors (kool aid or cocoa powder) and extracts for flavors.

  7. Containers are found for .14 each at some beeswax website. It will make your homemade lip balm ever cheaper. Just look around when buying your beeswax

  8. I use coconut oil, Shea butter myself with the other ingredients and I add some pinks, reds, burgundy, plum coloured blush to tint some of my tubes to give my lips a tint of color. You can adjust the color by putting in more or less of the blush.

    I have many upon many recipes for skin care products that I research all herbal, natural ingredients to make all kinds of skin care products and topical medicinal products as well for eczema etc.

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