Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th of July Extravaganza!

4th of July is just a few days away! Our town has a huge parade. Our mom always jokes that half the town is in the parade and the other half watches it! At night fireworks are shot over Lake Michigan. So beautiful!
This year we are so excited to have our Aunt Pat living in town with us. She is having a 4th of July Party at her new condo! She has an amazing view of Lake Michigan, and we plan to sit on her balcony and watch the fireworks display.

We thought it would be fun to make decorations with the kids for the party. Luckily our Auntie agreed with us! Ha ha!
We gathered supplies and a few special things - like patriotic streamers and garland - from the dollar store. We also found four thin cardboard tubes that we thought would be great for flags or streamer wands.

These will be perfect for waving at the parade. (They also find they work well as Indiana Jones whips!)

Jonah made his own version of the American flag!

He wanted to make it look like it was waving!

Ben also made a creative flag.

We love how creative these kiddos are! It's amazing what kids can come up with all on their own!

They also made these cool lanterns to hang around Auntie's house!

We love these pretty stars we found on Martha Stewart's website, and they couldn't be easier to make!

1. Start with a piece of paper. We used construction paper. Cut it down to 6" wide and 11" long. 2. Now fold it in half the long way. Fold it in half again and once again. Open the paper and you will find it in 8 equal lines. 3. Using the lines as guides, fan fold the paper. 4. Fold your fan in half.

5. Trim the open end of the fan at an angle. 6. Staple the center fold of the fan. 7. See the staple? Now the fun part! 8. Open the fan into a star. Tape the star open. It is ready to hang up! They look so pretty connected together in a garland

We used a similar technique to make these medalions!

1. We took a sheet of white paper and glued the red, white and blue streamer down each side of the paper. 2. We did a tighter fan fold. 3. This was too thick to staple, so we used tiny balls of tape to keep the center closed.

We made these patriotic votive holders using mason jars, tissue paper and watered down glue.

In no time at all we had enough decorations to decorate our Auntie's whole house!

From us to you, we want to wish you a fabulous 4th of July!

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