Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Birthday Present For All Ages!

Last Thursday was our baby sister Cara's 21st birthday! We wanted to do something fun and different for this milestone birthday. We decided to make a gift basket filled with 21 of 21 different gifts. (does that make sense?) This present would work well for any age. It would even make a fun anniversary gift! You could make your basket serious, silly or romantic depending on the person you were making it for! Our boys have already said they want a basket for their birthdays. What a fun birthday tradition that would be. Each year you get a little more!

We hit the dollar store and found 21 different goodies that we thought Cara would like or just find funny!

We also bought some clear treat bags and cute labels. We put 21 of each of the 21 items in each bag and labeled each one.

We also found this basket at the dollar store. We also stuck in a couple bottles of wine. Ben made this sweet card for his auntie.

Not sure what to put in your basket? Here is what we put in ours!

21 of each:

1. markers
2. popsicles
3. cosmetic wedges
4. lollipops
5. bubbles
6. grow capsules
7. magnets
8. lemonade packets
9. nail polish
10. pop rocks
11. dental flossers
12. erasers
13. sticks of gum
14. paper clips
15. pixi sticks
16. army men
17. balloons
18. hair bands
19. nail files
20. candles
21. pencils

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  1. I did that for my sisters 50th birthday. I even found that smarties were put on the market the year she was born, therefore, she got 50 rolls of smarties. It is a fun gift idea.