Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Christmas in July!

Do you have a July birthday? Not sure what kind of party to have? Looking for something different from everyone else? How about a Christmas in July party!
This weekend was our Auntie's birthday. We decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. What could be more surprising than a Christmas in July party (we love a good theme). Rebecca and the little boys kept her out for the day, and Maggie and Nana snuck into her condo to haul out the holly! (Auntie may be questioning giving us all copies of her keys - ha ha!)
No Christmas in July party would be complete without a Christmas tree. We hung sugar cookie ornaments on it so we wouldn't have to bring over our ornaments. The kiddos were quite happy to clean these up for us. Plus they loved making them.
The dollar store had red and green streamers. We hung them on everything!
It gave it a birthday party feel. We also made a stocking for our Auntie, stuffed with dollar store finds.

Maggie and Nana went all out!

They even decorated the sliding glass doors and the deck. We can only imagine what the neighbors thought. The paper decorations were nice and light to bring over -a good trick no matter what kind of party you are having!

Santa even let our elf come for a visit.

Can you believe Maggie found these this week at the dollar store. The only pair!

Baskin Robbins let us order a Christmas ice cream cake. Forgot candles so we used a tea light!

Incorporate your own family's Christmas traditions. We always have sticky buns!

The best party activity was the snowball fight! We gave each kid a bag of cotton balls and let them go nuts in the guest bedroom.

It was actually a lot more fun than a real snowball fight. No one got wet or cold. The cotton balls are so soft and they didn't hurt anyone or anything!

Even if you don't plan on having a Christmas in July party, we highly recommend an indoor snowball fight! The adults had as much fun as the kids. It kept them busy for hours!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas in July!

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  1. Cute idea! Looks like everyone had a great time - and no forty-below zero temps! :-)