Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ombre T-shirts!

You may have noticed that ombre is everywhere - hair, clothing, jewelry and nails! We love it! Of course we don't want to pay too much for it, especially when we think could do it ourselves. Well, we aren't brave enough yet to try diy ombre hair, so we thought we would start with a simple ombre t-shirt.
We decided to use plain white t-shirt, but you can be very creative with this project. You can use any color or style of shirt (or other piece of clothing). We also used Rit fabric dye, but there are many other kinds you could use.

We covered our work area with an old towel. You may want to go outside for this project! We also used an empty pretzel barrel to dye the shirt (again use what you have - bowl, bucket, pitcher), and salt to make the dye. We decided to dye the entire shirt light blue. You could skip this step if you want to leave part of the shirt it's original color.
We poured the powdered dye in a bowl. We filled the barrel with 6 cups of hot tap water, 4 Tbls of salt, and 1/2 tsp of powdered dye. Test the dye on a piece of scrap fabric or paper towel to see if it is the shade you want. Start light, it is harder to make your dye lighter, but you can always make it darker. Then we stirred it all well.

We wet the shirt. Wetting the shirt will help it dye evenly. Then we quickly dipped the shirt in the dye. The dark blue dyed the shirt really quickly! We carefully wrung out the shirt against the inside wall of the barrel.
Next we added another tsp. of powdered dye in the barrel and stirred again. We carefully lined up the shirt so we could dip it evenly in the dye. We dyed the bottom 3rd of the shirt in the dye. For some reason the shirt looks very grey here.

We added another tsp. of dye to the barrel and stirred. Then we dyed 2/3rdof the dark stripe. We repeated this step again. We added another tsp. of dye and dyed the lower 3rd of the stripe!

Here's why we used the pretzel barrel, for the darkest stripe we let it dye for a few minutes. We could lean the shirt over the edge and keep it in place. Your shirt will be lighter after you wash it!

We let the shirt hang on a hanger to dry (make sure it can't drip on anything that the dye will hurt!) Hanging it to dry will help the dye continue to work it's way downward.

If you decide to try this project you may want to wear gloves to dye your shirt. We seem to have ombre nails as well as ombre shirts! Pretty!

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