Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ben's Pop-up Cards!

This post is extra special to us because it was Rebecca's son Ben's idea. Ben is famous in our family for making pop-up cards. He learned how to make them a few years ago, and since then he makes them for all occasions. He thought it was about time he made a tutorial to share with all of you! He made this card for his Aunt Cara's birthday. He wanted the card to be extra special because he wasn't going to be at the party because he was going out of town with Nana. He was so cute! He set up all the shots and took many of the pictures himself! He was even nice enough to stop halfway through the post to take pictures of his brother who lost a tooth!

On to the card! Here is what you need, construction paper, markers, and glue or tape, and scissors.

You will need two sheets of construction paper, one for the inside of the card and one for the outside. Fold them both in half.

Cut slits on the fold line of the inside liner of the card. Ben made the word birthday pop up so he used three slits to support the big word. If you have small words or pictures that you want to make pop-up, you could use just one slit to hold it up.

Glue the inside liner to the outside of the card.

Make sure that the slits are pointed up, and not glued down to the outside liner.

Cut out words or pictures that you want to pop-up.

Put glue on the lower half of your slits, and attach the words or pictures to your card!

Now you have an amazing card with a fun surprise inside!

The front of the pad of construction paper had this butterfly on it. Ben had the great idea of cutting it out and gluing it on the outside of his card. He thought Aunt Cara would like it, because "girls love butterflies"! So cute!

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  1. Very cool! Tell him thanks for sharing his neat idea!