Monday, August 20, 2012

Buttons & Bobby Pins

Over the years we have inherited all sorts of treasures from family members. Furniture, clothes, even old fabric and sewing notions.Our favorite so far has been the tins of buttons that once belonged to our grandmother. We love pawing through the tins and seeing what unusual buttons she saved. And while may not have a jacket or blouse that needs one of these gems, we knew that they needed to be shown off!   That's when we decided to make cute hair pins out of them!

 What You Need:
  • Buttons
  • Bobby Pins
  • Glue Gun

  This is so simple, it's embarrassing.  Simply adhere the buttons of your choice onto a bobby pin with hot glue. Yeah...simple, right? You could sew them onto the pin first, but we found that that wasn't really necesary.

Some of our buttons had loops on the backs instead of button holes, so we were able to thread the bobby pin through the loop and then add hot glue for extra sturdiness.

Let the glue cool and harden, then you're ready to show off your fabulous vintage buttons!

These might even make cute bookmarks!
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  1. So cute! My mom made some like this for my little girl!!

    I love the idea of button ones!!