Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Easy Casting with Kids!

While at the doctors office the other day, we found this fun project in a copy of Family Fun magazine. It was this easy method of casting objects to make signs or plaques to hang in your kids rooms. We had wanted to try casting before but many other methods seemed a little complicated, especially for kids. This was was very easy, a great project for older kids. Younger kids might need a little help. You can use any hard objects to make impressions. We used some treasures we found at the beach. Next time our boys want to use Lego mini figures!

What you need:

play dough (or other similar dough)
plaster of paris
objects that you want to make impressions of
paperclip to make a hanger for your plaque
pen to draw letters or other shapes

You could find a container, and line it with the play dough, to use as a mold, but we just made a free formed shape with the play dough on two sheets of foil. Make a lip around all the edges at least a 1/2 inch high.

Wrap the foil up around the dough for a little more support on the sides.

Now press your objects into the dough.

We decided to write our last name in the dough using a pen. If you want letters, make sure you draw them backwards and make sure they are smooth and clear.

Mix your plaster of paris according to your package's directions. Pour into the dough mold. We stuck a paper clip in to use as a hanger.

Let the plaster set up for 20 - 25 minutes (read your package's directions). Then peel away the play dough. There was a little play dough stuck on the plaster. We used a blob of dough to dab off the bits that were stuck on. Let your cast dry completely. Then you can paint it or leave it natural!

We recommend either using a disposable container to mix your plaster of paris, or remember to clean out your container right away. We forgot and now have a hard lump of plaster in our glass measuring cup...with a plastic spoon stuck in it!

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