Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get Plumped!

*Rebecca's last post in the first person went so well we decided to give it a whirl in all our posts! *

A while ago, Jill introduced me to the magic that is Lip Plumper. The clear, tingly gloss goes great over your favorite lip stain and supposedly stimulates blood flow to your lips making them plump and appear fuller. However, it can also be pretty pricey. And let's face it: we Homemade Mamas are cheap (although we like to call it "thrifty"! Sounds cuter that way!). So I would use the tube she gave me sparingly, saving it for those rare nights out.  Then I came across this post by the ever-ingenious Delighted Momma where she says you can make your own! What?! She discovered that the secret ingredient in those pricey plumpers in cinnamon oil, which is the key to stimulating blood flow for a natural plump! I tried it out and am so excited to share it with you!

What You Need:
  • Clear unscented lip gloss (though mine had a slight watermelon scent & it worked fine anyway)
  • Cinnamon oil

Add 6-7 drops of cinnamon oil to your clear lip gloss.  The original "recipe" calls for 7-8 drops of cinnamon oil. I did 8 and the result was more on the burning side of tingly (which, oddly, I kinda liked).  Start with a little - you can always add more.

More oil = more plump & more tingle
Mix it up well and apply to your lips! For those of you who have never tried a plumper before there will be a tingle but it will fade after a few minutes or so.

By the way, since I had made my plumper on the stronger side I was worried about giving the husband a smooch and having his lips start tingling. Never fear - your plumped lips will be totally smooch-able!

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  1. We used to use this 50 yrs ago in grade school. We had to be careful not to touch our eyes after handling cinnamon. It's potent stuff. I'd go easy on the drops until you are sure your lips can handle it! Sure tastes good, though.

  2. I don't wear much lip gloss, so can you put this in the lip stains?

  3. Where can I find cinnamon oil? what do you think of mixing cinnamon and coconut oil for my own gloss/plumper?

  4. The cinnamon oil: Cinnamon Essential Oil?

  5. I wonder if Essential Peppermint oil would work too. I use it for headaches and sore muscles.