Wednesday, August 22, 2012

T-shirt Rag Rug!

Bet you didn't think we could find another use for old t-shirts, but we did! We were inspired to create this rug after finding a tutorial for making hula hoop rag rugs using t-shirts. They were super cute, but made circle rugs. We couldn't think of a place that we wanted a small circular rug, so we figured we could make a rectangular loom to make a small rug for the back door. We liked the idea of recycling t-shirts to make a rug that would be earth friendly and super soft!

For the loom we decided to use a sheet of foam core. It is firm, and is easy to cut notches along the edges to hold the weft. (Weft is the string that you weave through.) We also used old t-shirts, and yarn.

The foam core we found had a 1 x 1 inch grid on the back of it. Along the top and bottom of the loom we cut a small notch every inch using a serrated bread knife.

Next we strung the weft. We used yarn, but you could also use string. We took the yarn up and down the loom. The front is on the left and the back is on the right. We took the yarn up, behind, over and then down. We continued until the whole board was covered, keeping the string taught, but not tight.

Here is a drawing of how we threaded the weft incase we weren't clear enough above. Hope this helps!

Next we got the shirts ready. We cut the bottom hem off. Then we cut strips off the bottom, making lots of loops. We gave each loop a tug to roll the fabric.

To start weaving, we threaded the loop through the first string. We then secured the string back on the notch.

Then we started weaving.

Over and under - back and forth.

When we were ready for the next loop, we slip knotted it through the last one and kept on weaving.

The hardest part was keeping the tension even.

We left a few inches at either end to tie off the rug.

To tie it off we carefully cut the string at the back.

Then we tied the yarn together. We tied the two strings that were next to each other with 3 or 4 knots.

And the rug was done. At this point we could either cut the strings or leave them on for fringe.

Of course Rocky immediately claimed the rug for his own!

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  1. Great tutorial, looking forward to make rug rag with my old anvil t shirts and shirts

  2. How do you make the tshirts come out the right length for changing colors without an overlap in the middle?