Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hot Honey Lemon "Aid" - for sore throats and coughs!

This past week, the boys and I were hit with our first big cold of the season. It started for all of us with a really bad sore throat. I had remembered hearing that people used honey somehow for colds As much as I love homemade projects, I'm usually a little skeptical of home remedies. I was quite desperate though, so I started looking online to find some relief for my throat. Everywhere I looked I found people recommending honey and lemon in hot water. After and also The Mayo Clinic recommended using honey and lemon for both sore throats and coughs, I decided to give it a try. The honey coats your throat and suppresses coughs. The lemon helps break up mucus. The hot water relaxes the throat muscles. Check out both sites to read more about research that has been done on this home remedy. The boys and I were so pleased with how well this worked. It immediately made our throats feel better. It also taste delicious! It was warm and comforting!

I also wanted to add, that this home remedy is meant to sooth sore throats and coughs, but not cure the cause. If you think you have something more serious than a cold please go see your doctor!

This is safe for children over the age of 1. Never give honey to children under the age of one!

As you can guess, all you need is honey, lemon juice (fresh or bottled) and hot water.

Heat 1 cup of water like you would for making tea. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of lemon.

Make sure it's not too hot! Stir and enjoy! It works best when you sip it slowly to keep your throat coated. You will probably have to repeat several times throughout the day, but it is so delicious, and works so well, you won't mind!

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  1. I read this on a day when I was suffering a scrtchly throat and thinking it was too early in the season! This, plus a good nights sleep worked wonders. I am not 100% today but the scratchy throat is gone. Much preferable to gargling with salt water.

  2. I use this all the time and swear by it.

  3. I've been pushing this for years that or if you are off to work and can't really or don't want to prep enough for there just the honey lemon tea bags actually work better than you would think I always keep some around for when I'm in a pinch at work. My husband always turns his nose up at it (he's picky like that) but if the cold gets bad enough even he'll drink it :)

  4. My best friend is sick right now :( I am totally gonna make her drink this!

  5. when i was a little girl my grandmother had a jar of honey and lemon cooked up kept in the fridge. when we started with cold syptoms she would heat it up and just give us a tsp. of it warm. not mixed with water. was the best "medicine" !

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  6. Loved your post.
    I have been a lemon water loyalist ever since I was goaded by my mother into trying it as a teenager. At that point I was willing to try anything to put an end to the innumerable zits that started popping up on my face. This elixir has held me in good stead for years now.
    A GOOD TIP is to add a dash of cinnamon powder, its anti microbial properties add a host of benefits to the already amazing drink.