Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jack's Spray Paint!

This past weekend our boys spent the day with Nana. As usual, Nana went all out! She had bought them a new art set and let the boys go crazy - markers, watercolors, stamps, scissors, pens and pencils! All the boys had a blast, especially Jack! Long after the other boys had grown tired of the art and left, Jack kept painting. He started experimenting with the watercolors. Splatter painting was really fun, but not really a good indoor activity. He discovered he could get a pretty good splatter effect by tapping a painty brush. Jack then decided to try blowing on the paint brush. WOW! He made an awesome spray paint effect! We were all so impressed. His picture was sooo cool! (And not to messy!) We asked Jack to to share his new technique with you! You will need a set of children's watercolors, brushes, water and paper.

You will want to make sure that the paints are nice and wet. Dip your brush into the paint. You can experiment with different size brushes. "Bigger brushes make bigger messes!", say Jack.

Now pucker up and blow!

How cool is that! Spray painting with minimal mess!

Then Jack discovered that you could put objects down on the paper and spray them with paint. When he moved them - ta da!

It also worked really well with paper shapes too!

This technique is also fabulous for hands! Give it a try with your little ones!

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  1. What a creative child! Bravo to grandma, having the guts to let children experiment and get a little messy isn't easy for everyone. I taught pre-k for over 20 years and it's amazing to watch children discover what they can do, when just allowed to go for it.

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