Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tie Bangle!

After a rather fruitful trip to the thrift store with Rebecca and our aunt, I came home with some funky old ties. I had seen this project idea and thought it was so adorable! So I set out to make a Tie Bangle of my own...with a few modifications!

What You Need:
  • Old Tie 
  • Plastic Cup (or any round plastic container wide enough to fit your wrist)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Button
First, cut a strip out of your plastic cup. Make sure the strip is no wider than your tie (I used the thin end of my tie.

Feed your strip into the opening of your tie. When the strip is all the way down inside, cut your tie.

While you could sew your ends together, I was feeling particularly lazy and turned to my trusty old glue gun. I simply attached the finished end of the tie on top of the cut end. (I decided to make mine large enough to fit over my wrist, though you could certainly make one with a closure so it could be taken on and off that way)

You could end your bracelet there, but I thought it looked a little plain.

So I added a shiny button!

So simple but kinda funky and different! My cat Otto liked it so much he insisted on being in the picture!
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  1. Otto approved it always the way to go with a project, I say! Really cool!