Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Brownies

 Hi Everyone.  Happy Halloween!

I have been saving this project for a whole year!  Last Halloween my friend, and super crafty homemade mama, Lisa Ballard-Hardegree made these adorable brownies for our sons' 2nd grade class.  I thought they were so cute that I wouldn't let my kids eat them until I could get them home to photograph.  She made the brownies and icing from scratch and flavored the icing with fruit purees! YUM!!! But what I also thought was so neat, was the clever way she decorated.  So cute and easy, you don't have to be an expert cake decorator to make these!  I think this would be such a great project for kids who want to help decorate, or for busy moms who want to bring in an extra special treat, who  may not have that much time to bake and decorate. You could use your favorite brownie recipe, or store bought brownies, or even cupcakes.  Feel free to make homemade icing, or store bought that has been dyed Halloween colors.

Lisa piped on the icing and then decorated with Halloween peeps, sprinkles and candy corn. Each brownie was wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. So cute!
 Ben put his in the microwave.  They love to watch peeps expand and get all hot and gooey.  Unfortunately he left his in a little too long.  Very scary!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!
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  1. Those are some of the cutest brownies ever. I love seeing all the different ideas for halloween

  2. How cute! I love them (and my kids would too.) Yikes on the gooey mess. It's fun to watch them get all big but then they are gross =o)