Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 1: Magazine Christmas Tree

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  And now....

Welcome to our 3rd Annual 12 Days of Homemade Christmas!  I decided to start this year's crafty holiday fun off with a simple, recycled (and FREE!) project: A Magazine Christmas Tree! As I mentioned in my last post, my husband has a disturbing amount of magazines. So when I saw this idea (complete with video tutorial), I knew it was a great way to not only recycle but to also begin our holiday decorating around here.

 What you Need:

  •  A Magazine. Yeah. That's it.

This is so incredibly easy. If you can fold half of a paper airplane, you can make a Magazine Christmas Tree.  But if my instructions are unclear, check out the video tutorial mentioned above. First, rip off the front and back covers of your magazine.

Take the first page and fold the upper corner down so the upper edge is along the spine of the magazine.

Now fold it over again, so that the first folded edge is along the inner spine (See? Just like folding an airplane!).

Now fold the pointy "tail" up so that the bottom is level with the bottom of the magazine pages. Turn the folded page and begin folding the rest of the pages in the same manner (is this making sense??).

I found there to be only a few challenges with this project. First, as you get further along in your tree-making, the pages you've folded can be a little tricky to keep to one side and out of your way. I found that by doing this project on the floor I could keep one knee on them and they were able to stay put.

My next issue was rather hairy...or furry....

Apparently cats and dogs like Magazine Trees, too!

Once all your pages are folded, fluff up your tree and set it out for all to admire! You can spray paint it if you like, but I like the magazine-y look of it. Ours in going in the husband's office, as a way to add some festive, yet design-y touch ("Magazine-y? Design-y? I sure have a way with words today!).

As in past years, we are going to be posting three times a week, as opposed to our usual twice a week! See you on Wednesday!

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  1. How thick was your magazine? Will something small like US weekly do the trick, or do you need something more like Cosmo or National Geographic?