Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 2: Easy Outdoor Arrangement

Here is an easy outdoor holiday planter arrangement. This may seem like a very simple arrangement for some people, but for the floral arrangingly challenged (sorry - there's a lot of made up words in this post) like me, this is pretty impressive! My idea of flower arranging is to take the plastic wrapping off a bouquet and stick it in a vase of water! Since I moved into this house, I have thought my little porch needed a holiday arrangement. I've been studying every arrangement I would come across and finally decided that one like this was a great place to start.

Here is the flower pot I used. Mine had dirt and the remains of summer still in it. My poor begonias didn't survive the first frost. This wasn't a very welcoming sight for my guests! I started by removing the dead plants and breaking up the surface of the dirt. The top layer was frozen! If you are using an empty pot, place a chunk of floral foam inside.

I used a variety of evergreens for the filler of the arrangement and then added a few add-ins with bright color and different textures I had gone to Michaels earlier to find a few addi-ins for my arrangement. I was so pleased to find red berry branches and ribbon for 50% off! (plus I had a 50% off one item coupon) I also picked up a bunch of gold twirly stick things - my mom always called them ting-a-ling, but I'm not sure if she just made that up! I also thought I might need some wire and floral picks, but I didn't. You don't have to use exactly the same add-ins, but you will want to find some things with height and contrast.

My yard is surrounded on all sides with all different kinds of evergreens - I even have holly growing! If you don't have any at your home, see if you can find a neighbor who might let you take some. Most Christmas tree lots sell greenery too.

I used some longer yew branches in the center of the pot. You will want to have height in the middle of the arrangement.

Next I placed some arborvitae branches around the edge, covering the dirt and slightly hanging over the edge. I liked the arborvitae because it was flatter and fan like.

Then I added boxwood and holly sprigs in and around the yew in the center. Next the bright red berries.

I love the way the colors and textures look together.

For the final touch, I added just a few of the gold ting-a-ling and few pinecones at eh base.

The pot needed a little zing as well. A festive bow did the trick!

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