Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nursery to Office Makeover...On a Budget!

*This post is not really a tutorial. I just wanted to to show how we made a wonderful office space using only items we had on hand!*

As I mentioned in a previous post, we recently let Jack and Charlie share a room. This meant moving Charlie out of the little Baby's Room" and  into Jack's larger room. The two of them couldn't be happier (and if the two of them would sleep in a little longer and stop waking each other up in the mornings I might be a little happier. But I digress...). The timing for the move was perfect, as the hubs has been working from home and having an extra space to use as an office was DEFINITELY needed (computers in the dining room just wasn't working for me). So we set up a nice little office using only items we had on hand and did not have to purchase any additional items!

Jeff is a designer, so he needed a large work space. Instead of a regular desk he chose to use a long folding table, perfect for spreading out his work. But the features I'm most proud of are the "new" magazine rack and inspiration board. We had been hanging on to our old crib for ages and just couldn't seem to part with it. I had the idea to turn the metal spring thing that goes underneath the crib mattress into an inspiration board! He can now , with the help of clothes pins, hang pictures and fabrics to help him in the design process! I wanted to paint it a funky color, but he said he liked it just the way it was (I think he just didn't feel like painting. Our laziness bonds us together! :) ).

The magazine rack was his idea. He took one of the side rails and turned it on its end. The magazines are then simply hung over the bars! This was the perfect solution for the man who has a zillion design magazines!

Our nursery has now become an office for grown-ups!  And it cost us absolutely nothing to pull together!

*Homemade Mamas will be out of commission for most of next week as we prepare for Thanksgiving!  We will be back on Monday the 26th to begin our 3rd Annual 12 Days of Homemade Christmas!*

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