Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 10: Our Christmas Wish

Like all of you, Maggie and I were devastated by the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday. Our hearts ache for the families who so senselessly lost loved ones. We both send our thoughts and prayers to all the people who are hurting tonight.
I wanted to make something that would remind my boys what the world really needs for Christmas - love, hope, joy and peace. These are gifts that we all can give to one another!

To make this sign, I took a scrap of wood that I found in the scrap container at Home Depot. I would recommend finding a piece of pine if possible. This wood was not as soft as pine, which made transferring the letters harder. Then I printed the words I wanted on my sign from my computer.

Then I measured the wood and figured out how I wanted the words spaced. i taped each word onto the wood.

I used this letter transferring technique to trace the letters onto the wood. I traced each letter with a ball point pen. I had to press pretty hard to etch the letters into this piece of wood. When I removed the paper I could see the letters pretty well. If you want, you could go over the etchings very lightly with a pencil.

Next I painted the letters. I used dark green acrylic paint.

I couldn't believe it when I stuck my hand in a freshly painted e. I took a little piece of sand paper and rubbed my mistake right off.

I wanted to give the sign a softer look. After the paint dried, I white washed the whole piece with some diluted white latex paint. Using a sponge brush, I painted small areas of the board, and then quickly wiped away the extra paint. The great thing about the white wash is that it hides any imperfections or mistakes in the lettering.

The sign dried quickly and I was able to place it in the living room. I was so pleased that my boys noticed the sign right away. We had a wonderful conversation about what people really need, and how they can make a positive difference in the world.

Wishing you and your family love, hope joy and peace this holiday season!

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