Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6: Snowflake Garland

Today's post is from our mom, Nana. She was inspired to make this snowflake garland after a trip to The Paper Source. The garland hung vertically instead of the usual horizontal. She figured she could make something similar herself to hang in her windows.

From our local teacher supply store she bought these die-cut snowflakes in 2 different sizes. You could cut them out yourself, but Nana wanted a lot of garland, so the precut flakes made more sense. She also got a 1 inch circle punch, silver origami paper, string and glue. She used the glue that she had at home. You can use whatever you have on hand.

She started by cutting pieces of string of varying lengths. She folded the snowflakes in half and punched out silver circles. She ran a bead of glue down the fold of one snowflake and laid a piece of string down the glue and placed another snowflake on top, sandwiching the string. The two snowflakes should fold away from each other creating a 3D effect. She glued two silver circles together on the string so that both sides of the circle are silver (Does that make sense?).

Although each strand of garland was different lengths, she used this same pattern for all of them.

She made many, many, many strands of garland and then hung them in all the windows of her living room and on the sliding glass door to her deck!

She loves the way they turned out!

Every time the heat turns on, or someone walks by the snowflakes spin and the circles sparkle!

They look great day and night!

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