Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 8: Jonah's Reindeer Games!

Today's post is brought to you by seven year old Jonah. He has been very busy this week coming up with some fun Christmas games and activities. He came up with all these ideas all on his own. He thought other kids would like them and wanted to share them with you and your family!
First he made a memory game using Christmas stamps and index cards. If you don't stamps, you could draw pictures or use stickers. Jonah made it extra challenging by using 6 different snowflake stamps!

He used this reindeer punch to make dominoes! You could trace cookie cutters or stencils to make fun shaped dominoes.

Now, I gotta say that I was really impressed by these cute 3D paper presents he made. One night while I was getting dinner ready, he asked if he could make some Christmas decorations. I was so surprised when he showed these to me! Jonah got the idea in art class. They used a similar technique to make 3D pumpkins.

First he cut out 2 long strips of paper that were the same length. He folded each in half and then folded the ends in to the middle fold to make 2 square shaped strips of paper.

Then he taped the squares shut. Then he slipped one square inside the other and taped to secure. To make the ribbon, he curled another strip of paper around a pencil!

Such a clever kid!

Jonah and I hope you enjoyed his post. He's already planning another project for Thursday. Candy making! So I'm off with my shopping list. We'll let you know how it goes!
Thanks for reading!

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