Monday, January 21, 2013

Painted Valentine Garland

When the Christmas decorations came down (some of us more recently than others...) the only way we could appease our children (who I'm pretty sure would like us to leave the tree up all year round) was to remind them that we had to make room for Valentine's Day decorations. So this weekend we started getting ready for Valentine's Day by making this fun Painted Valentine Garland! It was so simple but turned out so cute!!

What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Paint (we used watercolors)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or ribbon, yarn, string etc...)
  • A small artist or two

First, have your little helpers paint all over their paper.

Jack even used his spray paint technique!
The boys worked very hard on their art!


Once the masterpieces are dry, draw and cut out heart shapes. A heart-shaped punch would make this so much faster, but not having one I had to resort to tracing around a cookie cutter! :)

I then asked Jack if we should use ribbon to make our garland. Having had so much fun making our paper Snowflake Garland a couple years ago, he insisted that we run our paper hearts through the sewing machine instead! Such a smart cookie!  This made making the garland so much faster! Just run the hearts through the sewing machine, leaving a bit of space between each one, if you want.

We decided to make most of our strands vertical and hang them from our dining room mirror. We then added a horizontal strand to the top (yeah...we had a LOT of hearts!).

I thought the kids would have fun when I came up with this project, but I'm so pleased with how beautiful it is, I am planning on saving it to use again next year! It's a great way to save and remember your kids' wonderful creativity!

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  1. Question how do you get it through your sewing machine without binding up the thread? I'm VERY basic with my sewing machine quite literally I just patch clothing with it pretty much but I notice if I run it without material it becomes a knotted mess up inside and I have to take everything apart, cut it all out and try again.

    1. Hmmm...I've never had that problem? I'm hardly an expert at sewing (I call my sewing method "Quick & Dirty"! haha!) and this is about as simple as it gets! I can only suggest trying it out and seeing what happens! Good luck! :)

  2. A very sweet garland. And a great way to display his art work. should not tangle in your machine since you are using the paper in the place of the fabric. Good luck!

  3. I babysit three 2 year olds and always need ideas! This is a great way to send home art without just making another picture for the fridge ! Thanks!