Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dollar Store Scarf

The last time I was at my local dollar store, I found these scarfs. They were pretty thin and narrow, but they were very soft and a beautiful deep teal. (My photos don't do the color justice!). Best part, of course, was that they were only a dollar! I decided to take three of them, not sure what I would do with them. I decided to braid them, but it looked too rope like.

I thought about how sewers create smocking and ruffles by pulling thread or elastic through the fabric and wondered if I could do something similar with the scarfs with some yarn.

First I laid out the 3 scarfs. Then I cut 2 pieces of yarn. The yarn was a couple inches longer than the scarfs.

Tie the 3 scarfs together using the ends of the pieces of yarn.

Next I braided the 5 strands of the scarf. I was surprised how easy braiding with 5 strands is! Click here to learn how!

This is where you may need a couple of extra hands. I had Ben hold the tied end of the scarf.

Jonah held the open end of the scarf. He held the 3 pieces of the scarf and I took the two pieces of yarn. I gently pulled the strings. The the braid will start to gather. You only want to gather it a little bit or you will have a very short scarf!

See how the braid looks more fluffed and gathered!

Hard to believe it only cost me 3 dollars!

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