Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweetheart Sunrise!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I thought I would share a quick simple cocktail for dinner tonight that you only need a few ingredients to make. I also wanted to make a drink that could easily be turned into a mocktail for the kiddos. They love fun festive drinks too. My boys had fun coming up with a name for this drink. Jonah came up with "Stupid Cupid's Super Cool Drink" and Ben thought of "Cupid's Crazy Concoction". As you may have guessed, this drink is a variation of a Tequila Sunrise.

All you need is pink lemonade, grenadine, vodka (I used a lemon infused one I had made) and some strawberries for garnish.

In each glass I poured 6 oz. of pink lemonade, 2 oz. vodka, and a few ice cubes. Of course I left out the vodka for the kids! I garnished each glass with a strawberry. When they were all prepped and ready, I called the kids to to the table for the final step. When everyone was gathered I poured about 1/8 of a cup of grenadine into each glass without stirring. The grenadine is heavier so it sinks to the bottom, "magically" making two separate layers! So pretty and fun!

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  1. Yum! Have a wonderful valentine's day with your anti-cupids. :)